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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions that clients typically ask the quartet, together with their answers. If you have any further questions, then please send them a message via the Contact tab.


How can we hear what you sound like?

We have audio and video clips on on the Media page, where you can hear live recordings of us playing a selection of our repertoire. We also have a Testimonials page where you can read what previous clients have said about us.


How do I choose the music for my event?

The choice of music is up to you! Have a look through our repertoire.  We have made some suggestions to use as a starting point when choosing music for a wedding or funeral under the ‘Occasions’ section of the main menu, but we are very happy to offer you suggestions suited to your particular event should you need them.


Can I pick some music that is not on your list of repertoire?

Yes, if there is a particular piece or song that you would like us to play, then we can arrange it especially for your event. The fee for this service costs from £30.


How long do you take to set up?

We typically arrive at least 30 minutes before a booking begins in order to set up. This time is not included in your booking and you will not be charged for it.


Do you just play classical music?

No! We are all classically-trained musicians, but we have a variety of styles in our repertoire. We play tangos, pop and rock, songs from musicals and bollywood music as well as the classical quartet repertoire.


Can you perform as a trio or duo?

Yes, we offer both. The music is adapted to cover the important parts so it does not sound like anything is missing when you hear it. This might be appropriate for a small room where the sound of our quartet would be too loud, or if your budget doesn’t allow for a full quartet. The trio sound is still full, despite there being three players instead of four, but the sound of a full quartet it always better.


Do you accompany congregational hymns?

Yes, we do. For congregations larger than 75 people it is advisable to amplify our sound (see next question).


Do you have amplification equipment?

We don’t, although we are used to being amplified by free-standing and instrument-mounted microphones, and will arrive in good time to sound-check before the booking starts.


Would you be able to play outside?

Yes, we are more than happy to play outside. All we ask is that we sit in the shade, since direct sunlight can damage our instruments, and obviously it must be dry. We have played in some very windy conditions in the past and can generally cope with this!


What do you wear?

We normally wear all black, though could wear alternative colours or styles to fit in with a particular theme or colour scheme, if desired.


What do you require from us on the day?

We need four chairs without arms, set up in a semi-circle wherever you would like us to sit, and preferably a locked room where we can keep our instrument cases, so that they are not in the way.  We also require adequate lighting, somewhere private to change, and glasses and a jug of water to have while we play.

How far are you prepared to travel?

While most of the events we perform at are in the Oxfordshire area, we have traveled throughout the UK, and play regularly at events in London.


How do you take payment?

We ask for a deposit of £100 when you book us, then the final payment no later than 7 days before the event. We ask for payment to be made into the Quartet bank account by electronic transfer, though you are welcome to send a cheque to arrive by the designated date.

Oxford String Quartet

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